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Contact info

  • Main Office: 124 , Haram Street, Giza Egypt

  • Factory: K28 , Abu Rawash, Industrial Zone,6th Of October, Egypt

  • Mail Us: info@poulex-group.com

  • Main Office: +2 39754997

  • Factory: +2 35392496

  • Main Office Fax: +2 39754993

  • Factory Fax: +2 35392494

About us

Poulex has been one of the leading companies in Egypt and the middle east in the supply of turn-key projects for poultry and livestock, providing the latest technologies and concepts.


  • Main Office: 124 Haram Street.
  • Factory: Kilo 28 Abu Rawash.
    Industrial Zone
  • Main Office: +2 39754997
  • Factory: +2 35392496
  • info@poulex-group.com


Make Sure you attend the annual exhibition agrena . AGRENA is held 3 days once a year 6.-8.10.2016, Cairo

It targets the flourishing poultry, livestock & fish industry in one of the biggest markets for poultry, livestock & fish products in the Middle East, with an emphasis on giving the possible opportunities to broaden your horizons & to see the latest technology, products and services.