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Our Projects

Inside Egypt

  1. Cairo poultry
  2. Misr for Grand Parent
  3. Elkenana for Grand Parent
  4. El Watania
  5. Ismailia Masr
  6. El Wady
  7. Pyramid poultry
  8. Delta Poultry
  9. Elsherook Poultry
  10. Cairo for Grand Parent
  11. Feed mix
  12. Montrade
  13. Ommat
  14. Organo
  15. Eng/ shoukry gerges
  16. Alfarouj al zahaby
  17. This is beside many individual projects for individual investors

Outside Egypt

  1. 80 poultry house in sudan
  2. 20 turnkey key poultry project in libya
  3. 15 breeder poultry house in Saudi
  4. Syria: COBB grand parent project

About us

Poulex has been one of the leading companies in Egypt and the middle east in the supply of turn-key projects for poultry and livestock, providing the latest technologies and concepts.


  • Main Office: 124 Haram Street.
  • Factory: Kilo 28 Abu Rawash.
    Industrial Zone
  • Main Office: +2 39754997
  • Factory: +2 35392496
  • info@poulex-group.com


Make Sure you attend the annual exhibition agrena . AGRENA is held 3 days once a year 6.-8.10.2016, Cairo

It targets the flourishing poultry, livestock & fish industry in one of the biggest markets for poultry, livestock & fish products in the Middle East, with an emphasis on giving the possible opportunities to broaden your horizons & to see the latest technology, products and services.